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We grow several different varieties of sweet cherries including Bing, Tieton, Lambert (similar to Bing), Lapin (a later cherry), and Rainier (light yellow with red blush). We also grow a limited amount of pie cherries (sour). Our cherries are sold by the pound or in 20lb boxes.

As a complement to our fresh cherries, we offer a selection of delicious, homemade-quality products made with cherries
grown from our orchards.

Canned Cherries

These cherries taste like homemade canned cherries, because we use sugar and not corn syrup.
Ingredients are cherries, water and sugar. We offer canned Lamberts.

cherry cider

The juice is made from dark sweet cherries. The ONLY ingredient is cherries – NO sugar, water or preservatives are added. A great natural product for those who suffer from gout and arthritis.

Fruit Jam

We have homemade quality jams available. These are just like grandma used to make; sweet and full of flavor and made on-site. The following jams are available: sweet cherry, pie cherry, huckleberry (a native berry similar to a blueberry) and cherry-huckleberry.

Dried Cherries

These are similar to raisins, but have a unique flavor. They are great for cooking, as well as for snacking. No sugar or preservatives are added.

Cherry Syrup

This product contains dark, sweet cherries which makes a delicious topping for ice cream or cake.
Ingredients are cherries, sugar and lemon juice.

cherry Chocolate Fudge

Fudge is available in white and milk chocolate with cherries mixed throughout.

Cherry Wine

Our wine is made so that you can choose between dry, medium or sweet. We offer various fruit wines, different varieties of cherry, huckleberry, plum, watermelon, pear, peach, apricot and apple.

bowman cherry orchards flathead lake montana

Cherry Firewood

Cherry firewood is usually available year round in bulk.  The chips are great to use in a smoker or barbecue

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Located 10 miles south of Bigfork, MT on Hwy 35 at mile marker 21.5 on the mountain (east) side of the road.



19944 MT-35
Bigfork, MT 59911

At Bowman Orchards we strive to grow cherries that we are proud of and you will enjoy!