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Bowman Cherry Orchard Bigfork Montana


The Bowman family has been growing famous Flathead sweet cherries since the 1920’s when two brothers, Adam and Eby Bowman, planted the original family orchards on the East Shore of Flathead Lake. They cleared the timbered land with the teams of horses, dynamited large rocks and cultivated the ground (with horses) in preparation for growing fruit trees. The two young men and their father, Simon, raised their own food, fished and hunted in this primitive area that had more animals than people and a wagon trail instead of a road.

Throughout the years, Adam’s son Jerry and his wife Marilyn continued and expanded the original plot to several other orchards and added different tree varieties. Their children and grandchildren are involved in various aspects of the operation.

When many of the cherry trees were killed after the freeze in January 1989, we expanded our operation to include orchards in Kennewick and Moses Lake, Washington. This extends the cherry harvest from mid June through August.

In addition to offering fresh cherries, many other cherry products are available at the road side warehouse located near Bigfork, MT on Hwy 35

bowman cherry orchards flathead lake montana

Adam and Eby spraying orchard with a horse drawn sprayer in the 1930s.

bowman cherry orchards flathead lake montana

Road crew working in front of the original homestead.

bowman cherry orchards flathead lake montana

Friends of the Bowman Family posing near Row-Packed Specialty Boxes of cherries.

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LATE JUNE THROUGH early september


9AM - 6PM

Located 10 miles south of Bigfork, MT on Hwy 35 at mile marker 21.5 on the mountain (east) side of the road.

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At Bowman Orchards of Bigfork Montana,
we strive to grow cherries that we are proud of and you will enjoy!