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Bowman Cherry Orchard Bigfork Montana


Answers to some questions that you may have about our Orchard and cherries:

Q: When are Flathead Cherries available?

A: Depending on the weather, Flathead Cherries are available late July through early September.  We also have cherries available from our Washington orchard in late June

Q: Do you ship cherries?

A: No, we do not ship fresh cherries.

Q: Can I freeze fresh cherries?

A: Yes.  Remove stems, wash cherries and pit if desired.  Place cherries in a plastic freezer bag and freeze.  Cherries can also be individually frozen on a cookie sheet for 2 hours before placing in freezer bags.  

Q: Why do cherries grow around Flathead Lake and not in other areas of Montana?

A: Flathead Lake is such a large lake that it helps to keep our winter temperatures mild and even near the lake.  However, there was a freeze in 1989 that killed most of the cherry trees around the lake.

Q: How many cherries do I need to make a pie?

A: Depending on the size of your pie dish, it takes about three pounds of cherries to make a pie.  Don’t forget to pit them.

Q: How long do fresh cherries last?

A: If kept dry and refrigerated, they should last 10 days to two weeks. If keeping them in a cooler, do not place cherries near ice or anything frozen.

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LATE JUNE THROUGH early september


9AM - 6PM

Located 10 miles south of Bigfork, MT on Hwy 35 at mile marker 21.5 on the mountain (east) side of the road.

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At Bowman Orchards of Bigfork Montana,
we strive to grow cherries that we are proud of and you will enjoy!